Top 10 Reasons We Should All Become Cybermen

1: We Won’t Need Another Holocaust

With the technology provided by Cybermen Technologies(R), we will be able to transform the Jewish race into a race of robots that serve the state. It is far more humane to enslave them after they lose the ability to think or feel emotions than it is to use traditional enslavement methods. Works great on your african friends too!

2: We Can Save The World

Climate change is upon us and God is punishing us for all of the soy sauce we used. With Cybermen Technologies(R), we will be able to “militarize” against climate change and be programmed to live without having any impact on the environment. We will essentially become glorified statues.

3: God Has Abandoned Us

And it’s up to us to rule the world and the many species within it. Without a God, Humans have a moral duty to protect animals, aliens, and inter-dimensional space demons from themselves and each other. It’s up to us to go to Mars and civilize those red martian savages!

4: No More Pre-Marital Sex

If your kid or grandkid is commiting self-rape through the use of masturbation, pre-marital sex, or just going through a homosexual phase, seriously consider transitioning them into a cyberman. While they may lose their free will and the ability to think for themselves, it is more important that they don’t commit immoral actions and become a liberal.

5: We Can Remove Sexism and Racism

Due to the natural inferiority of women and people of color, we sadly face a lot of sexism and racism in society. However, if we all became Cybermen, there will no longer be any form of either. But good luck on being able to afford to transition if you’re a black! LOL! :)

6: It Will Kill Individualism

Thanks to Cybermen all looking and acting the same, there will no longer be any form of individualism - Just like China! No favorite color, no weird quirks, or even differences in opinions. Everyone will behave exactly the same, sort of like on reddit or 4chan. You will be just like the other girls!

7: The State Can Defend Itself Against Terrorism

We at believe that not only is it ok to transition into a cyberman, it must be required. The state needs to battle against terrorism and we must give up all of our rights and self-respect in order to do that. Being forced to transition will give the state all of your information, the ability to change anything they want about you, and prevent you to stop politicians from abusing their power. Remember, what is best for the state is always the best for all of us! And if you’re against that then you’re a pedophile.

8: No More Cultural Differences!

If the world transitioned into cybermen, there will be no cultural differences between people. No language barrier, no variations of societal norms, no weird European insults or brown people food. We will all be exactly the same.

Counter Arguments:

Can’t technology be hacked?

Well of course it can, but if you believe it could be hacked then you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist and an enemy of the state.

But what about humanity and consciousness?

Lmao, those sound like questions for philosophy, libtarded human. Take the red pill and become the best version of yourself.


After much contemplation, I have decided to transition into a cyberman. Not only would I help fight against racism, climate change, and terrorism, but I would also prevent myself from feeling any negative emotion again - like remembering poor people exist

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